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Review of new Tesla sparks debate after writer claims problems with autopilot
3 HRS AGO - The vehicle’s tendency to brake seemingly randomly caused the reviewer to call the car ‘unsafe’ Expand
A spacecraft could be about to collide with space debris above Earth
9 HRS AGO - The Solar Orbiter could crash into space debris as it flies around Earth this weekend.
Roblox sues YouTuber for allegedly creating fake terrorist ‘cybermob’
13 HRS AGO - The lawsuit alleges that Ruben Sim tried “upload a nude image of himself with only a lampshade Expand
Amazon warehouses targeted by Extinction Rebellion in Black Friday protest
18 HRS AGO - Extinction Rebellion activists target a distribution centre in Dunfermline, Fife - Amazon's Expand
Channel deaths: Boris Johnson sets out five-point plan to address crossings following tragedy
1 DAY AGO - Boris Johnson has offered to work with France to "move further and faster" in order to tackle Expand
The bitcoin network now handles more volume than PayPal
1 DAY AGO - ‘A conservative estimate of 2026 for bitcoin to grow to the scale of a network like Mastercard or Expand
Discount Experts launch impressive deals on iPhones and laptops this Black Friday
1 DAY AGO - This sneaky, hidden website is about to become your favourite shopping destination thanks to cheap Expand
Spotify launches new TikTok-style way of listening to music
1 DAY AGO - Spotify is working on a new way of listening to music in the style of TikTok.
Sun unleashes solar storm that could affect power grid and satellites
9 HRS AGO - There is no cause for alarm, despite reports that suggest solar storm could lead to danger
Revolut hit by major issues on Black Friday
10 HRS AGO - Online bank Revolut has been hit by major issues in the middle of Black Friday.
Bitcoin and other crypto plunge amid fears over new Covid variant
14 HRS AGO - Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply, as fears over the new coronavirus outbreak Expand
Apple’s AR headset will ‘will be as powerful as a Mac’, analyst says
15 HRS AGO - The headset should launch in 2022, but rumours about how it operates are conflicting
COVID-19: What we know so far about B.1.1.529 variant that may 'evade' vaccines
1 DAY AGO - There have only been fewer than 100 recorded cases but the UK health secretary has already banned Expand
COVID-19: New B.1.1.529 variant 'worst one we've seen so far', say UK experts
1 DAY AGO - Mutations in the B.1.1.529 variant are likely to evade the immune response generated by prior Expand
Scientists uncover secret of alien worlds using ‘perfect harmony’ of planetary system
1 DAY AGO - Scientists have used the “perfect harmony” of a distant planetary system to understand more about Expand
Ralf Rangnick close to becoming Manchester United interim manager
1 DAY AGO - Ralf Rangnick is close to finalising a deal to become Manchester United's interim manager until Expand
British Army restructure sees hundreds of tanks and troops return to Germany after withdrawal less than a year ago
1 DAY AGO - Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the reforms in the House of Commons today, which included Expand
China to build space travel reactor ‘100 times stronger than Nasa’s’
9 HRS AGO - Chinese media says that the secrecy around the projects mean there are no laws that could deal Expand
NASA delays launch of new James Webb Space Telescope after 'incident
15 HRS AGO - NASA is investigating "a sudden, unplanned release of a clamp band - which secures Webb to the Expand
Madonna criticises Instagram for taking down risqué photos showing exposed nipple
17 HRS AGO - Instagram removed photos of Madonna "without warning or notification", the star has said, after Expand
EKSA GT1 Cobra True Wireless Gaming earbuds: Innovative design at an affordable price
1 DAY AGO - EKSA’s first Wireless Earbuds are an eyecatching first attempt to enter a packed market but still Expand
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