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The phone 'skin' that can 'feel the user's grasp
36 MINS AGO - A jacket made from two layers of silicone has the ability "to detect tickling, caressing, twisting Expand
Helmet-cam footage shows Earth during first all-female spacewalk
58 MINS AGO - Flight engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history after completing the first spacewalk Expand
Men who eat lots of red meat have shorter erections, study claims
1 HR AGO - Researchers have looked at the link between diet and erection length, and found that men who eat Expand
Hacking of UK academic institution lifts lid on huge international cyber attack
2 HRS AGO - We have never seen these done to the significance it has been done here, it is unique in its Expand
Monday briefing: The first all-women spacewalk crew has repaired the ISS
3 HRS AGO - Nasa's Christina Koch and Jessica Meir replaced a power control unit and made history, Malicious Expand
Brexit: Speaker may block PM's push for Commons vote on his deal
6 HRS AGO - If the speaker blocks Mr Johnson's move, attention will shift to the government bringing its Expand
The digital welfare state: Chips with Everything podcast
6 HRS AGO - As part of the Guardian’s Automating Poverty series, Robert Booth looked at how and why the Expand
Brexit: Boris Johnson asks EU for three-month extension to deadline
19 HRS AGO - The prime minister has requested a further extension to the Article 50 negotiating period to 31 Expand
Scientists create 'artificial skin' that could make smartphones tick…
1 DAY AGO - Scientists have developed an “artificial skin” that they say can wrap around devices such as Expand
Cancer to be 'birthed' in lab to learn prevention instead of cure
1 HR AGO - The £55m project aims to promote "rapid, cost-effective" early intervention over expensive Expand
New images of PlayStation 5 leak online - and they confirm key design feature
2 HRS AGO - The images indicate that the console will have a V-shaped design - a feature that has been heavily Expand
Brexit: It is very unlikely that the PM will get his way today - here's why
6 HRS AGO - If Brussels grants an extension to the end of January, the pressure on Labour to finally agree to Expand
Hacks 'carried out by Russian group disguised as Iranian cyber spies
7 HRS AGO - Investigators discover cyberattacks against more than 35 countries - including at least 20 that Expand
Tinder boss Elie Seidman: ‘If you behave badly, we want you out’
22 HRS AGO - The dating app has become the go-to tool for singles looking for a ‘hook-up’ rather than a Expand
Life on Mars: How could humanity's greatest feat in design be pulled off?
1 DAY AGO - The Design Museum exhibition includes space pods, astronaut suits and even little space robots.
Astronauts could hibernate on journeys to Mars 'to stop them killing each other
49 MINS AGO - Astronauts travelling to Mars in the near future could be placed into an artificial hibernation Expand
Nasa could grow tomatoes on Mars and it means weed farming may also be possible
1 HR AGO - You've heard of the Red Planet - but will it soon be known as the Green Planet too?
Netflix to crack down on users who share passwords with friends and family
2 HRS AGO - Netflix's chief product officer Greg Peters said that Netflix is working on ways to address Expand
Orionid Meteor Shower 2019: How to see shooting stars from the UK tonight
3 HRS AGO - The Orionid Meteor Shower has been happening all month but will peak this evening, providing you Expand
The USA is developing 'smart guns' for the future of warfare
4 HRS AGO - The US Army is looking for high-tech 'battlefield solutions
Northern Ireland: Within hours, same-sex marriage and abortion will be legal
6 HRS AGO - Last month, the High Court in Belfast ruled Northern Ireland's abortion law in breach of the UK's Expand
New police unit to track down and interfere with illegal drones across UK
8 HRS AGO - A mobile "counter-drone" unit with technology to track down and interfere with the devices will be Expand
Bill Bailey: We all need a laugh - but words matter, we need to think more
23 HRS AGO - Comedian Bill Bailey speaks to Sky News as the second series of In The Long Run, with Idris Elba, Expand
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