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The Independent
Pets of the pandemic! True stories of how animals are 'helping' in self-isolation | First Dog on the Moon
1 DAY AGO - Thank you Obi, thank you Chifley Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are Expand
Working like a dog: an Instagram account capturing the bright side of social distance
18/03/2020 - Dogs Working at Home made its first post during the onset of the coronavirus crisis, and already Expand
Thousands of pets could be abandoned in China over coronavirus, char…
15/03/2020 - Chinese animal charities fear there could be a "second wave" of animals being abandoned in China Expand
Crufts organisers blame Brexit as fewer dogs take part
06/03/2020 - Uncertainty over pet visa rules may have kept some European owners away, says Kennel ClubAs Expand
Dog breeders urged to act over high levels of anxiety in pets
05/03/2020 - Finnish study finds three-quarters of dogs exhibit highly problematic behaviourDog breeders need Expand
New laws making it easier for Victorian renters to have pets come into
29/02/2020 - Other changes include long-term leases and allowing tenants to make minor changes, such as putting Expand
The queens of agility: America’s most famous canine athletes race for glory
19/02/2020 - The fast-growing sport of dog agility has become one of the most popular events at shows like Expand
2020 Westminster Kennel Club dog show – in pictures
12/02/2020 - The first Westminster show was held on 8 May 1877, making it the second-longest continuously held Expand
Quarantine companions: 'If you can give a pet a home whilst self-isolating it’s fabulous
1 DAY AGO - As shelters brace for fewer volunteers and more surrendered animals, Australians are being urged Expand
‘Dogs have a magic effect’: the power of pets on our mental health
17/03/2020 - Canine companions trigger similar neural pathways to the parent-baby bond, and reduce loneliness Expand
Meet Xherdan, the world’s scariest-looking cat
10/03/2020 - The hairless sphynx from Switzerland has faced some tough competition for one of the internet’s Expand
The dog that knows the names and categories of its 100 toys
06/03/2020 - There’s something about a really smart dog that makes it seem as if there might be some hope. Expand
I would clone my dog – and I’m not ashamed to admit it | Arwa Mahdawi
04/03/2020 - A couple called the Tschirharts spent $50,000 to recreate their beloved pooch. If I had the cash, Expand
Shenzhen could be first city in China to ban eating of dogs and cats
27/02/2020 - Officials says move reflects bond between pets and people – ‘the consensus of all human Expand
Toxic kitty? Researchers ponder link between rare venom and cat allergies
16/02/2020 - Queensland scientists are asking if cat allergies may be an evolved defence mechanism, but not all Expand
Trust your dog': extraordinary pets help solve crimes by finding bodies
12/02/2020 - After grueling training, a rare few civilians and their dogs are allowed to participate in Expand
What about the other key workers?
4 DAYS AGO - As frontline workers, cleaners deserve better pay and conditions, writes Mike Cash, RMT general Expand
Dogs have their day at the National Sheep Dog Trials in Canberra
17/03/2020 - For 77 years, animals and their owners have headed to Australia’s capital to compete At 8am on Expand
Eau de pawfum: is it barking mad to buy cologne for dogs?
09/03/2020 - A runner-up at Crufts was scented with a calming floral spray – but canine perfumes aren’t just Expand
Can my dog or cat spread coronavirus? – video explainer
06/03/2020 - The number of people worldwide infected with the new coronavirus has exceeded 100,000 and the Expand
Canine stars at Crufts - in pictures
06/03/2020 - More than 26,000 dogs and 166,000 fans are expected over the four days of Crufts this year at the Expand
The best thing about Wellington': Mittens the cat has paws all over New Zealand capital
04/03/2020 - Turkish Angora roams tattoo parlours, office towers and churches, posing for social media Expand
My partner wants a dog but I worry as we go away a lot
22/02/2020 - I fear the cost of care while on holiday could be enormous. How do others solve this problem?Every Expand
Catman of Wuhan: the man rescuing pets abandoned amid coronavirus outbreak – video
14/02/2020 - It is estimated that more than 30,000 pets have been left stranded after the Chinese government Expand
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