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Guardian, The
The Independent
Toxic kitty? Researchers ponder link between rare venom and cat allergies
2 DAYS AGO - Queensland scientists are asking if cat allergies may be an evolved defence mechanism, but not all Expand
Trust your dog': extraordinary pets help solve crimes by finding bodies
6 DAYS AGO - After grueling training, a rare few civilians and their dogs are allowed to participate in Expand
Popularity of pug-like dogs 'could be fuelling rise in canine fertility clinics
07/02/2020 - Investigation links boom in flat-faced canines to rise in clinics, some of which advertise banned Expand
World's worst cat' Perdita finds new home after purrfect publicity campaign
01/02/2020 - The grumpy feline, who reportedly loves ‘lurking in dark corners’, became a viral sensation after Expand
I love my dog. But why must walkies involve horrendous social interactions? | Emma Beddington
29/01/2020 - Dog people report reduced feelings of social isolation, partly because of all the walks with all Expand
Petflix and chill: does your dog need a streaming service?
22/01/2020 - The attention economy has turned its eye to a new audience: household petsHas it ever occurred to Expand
Tell us about your cat disputes with your neighbours
17/01/2020 - After one disagreement over a cat resulted in a £20,000 court case, we would like to hear about Expand
Spotify releases new playlists for your pet
15/01/2020 - Spotify has launched music for iguanas. The streaming service has released playlists that are Expand
A bag for life that’s keeping its promise | Brief letters
08/01/2020 - Patriotism | Geography | Longevity | WordsearchReading Gary Younge (Nationalism needn’t be Expand
Catman of Wuhan: the man rescuing pets abandoned amid coronavirus outbreak – video
4 DAYS AGO - It is estimated that more than 30,000 pets have been left stranded after the Chinese government Expand
The Texas business owner who is literally eating his own dog food
09/02/2020 - Auto dealers tend to drive the cars they sell so what better way to show faith in your own product Expand
Scottish animal welfare baffled by mutilated pythons in Aberdeen
06/02/2020 - Two dead 5ft snakes were discovered at a nature reserve within a month of each other A dead python Expand
Can my pet travel with me after 31 January? Readers ask about post-Brexit rights
30/01/2020 - Which passport should my children use? Will I pay home or EU student fees? Your questions Expand
Reigning cats and dogs: why grumpy animals rule the internet
28/01/2020 - Since the feline known as Grumpy Cat died last year, two furry curmudgeons called Chico and Meow Expand
Claws out! Why cats are causing chaos and controversy across Britain
22/01/2020 - Whether it is local ‘cat-seducers’, out-and-out thievery or marauding toms, our feline friends are Expand
Crufts – the musical! Cat fan writes tribute to top dog show
16/01/2020 - A Dog’s Tale, written by cat-loving playwright Poppy Hollman, tells the story of a British Expand
AOC is setting a terrible example with her adorable new puppy | Arwa Mahdawi
14/01/2020 - The congresswoman’s choice of a French bulldog – a breed prone to serious health problems – is Expand
AOC finds her perfect puppy – which other politicians have found theirs?
07/01/2020 - The congresswoman says her French bulldog will come with her to the office and to town halls, Expand
2020 Westminster Kennel Club dog show – in pictures
6 DAYS AGO - The first Westminster show was held on 8 May 1877, making it the second-longest continuously held Expand
Taking the lead: why a jog with a dog is the latest fitness craze
09/02/2020 - Sales of specialist equipment boom as pet owners combine traditional walkies with their own Expand
Hollywood hounds: canine film stars – in pictures
02/02/2020 - It was meeting a collie called Hey Hey, a direct descendant of the first dog to play Lassie, that Expand
RSPCA urges caution over buying puppies online after spate of deaths
30/01/2020 - Complaints over illegal puppy farms have increased dramatically over the past decade says charity, Expand
My partner wants to get a cat but I’m not convinced
24/01/2020 - After looking after a friend’s cat, I think our flat is too small and I’m concerned about the Expand
How the world's funniest-looking dog finally found a home
21/01/2020 - Jubilee the wide-eyed husky lay languishing unwanted in a shelter, until her carers hit on the Expand
Dog tired: will the new podcast for pooches soothe my surly whippet?
16/01/2020 - It has specially composed music, a background soundscape including a washing machine, and Expand
Forget cat ladies: the real tribes of modern dating, from fantasists to routiners
14/01/2020 - Finding a mate now involves navigating the perils of sword enthusiasts, 9/11 ‘truthers’ and the Expand
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