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Guardian, The
The Independent
Interactive: see how your favourite dog breeds are related to each other
22 HRS AGO - The origin of modern dogs lies tens of thousands of years ago, but how does a wolf become a Expand
Dog gone: how to handle your pet's post-Covid separation anxiety
7 DAYS AGO - With more people returning to the office after months of working from home, owners should start Expand
‘Do-gooder’ attacks seem like bad faith | Brief letters
12/10/2020 - Dutch phrases | Puppy adoption | Do-gooders | MP pay increases | StaycationsAs a Dutch reader Expand
Pet insurance: how to get the best-value policy for your dog
10/10/2020 - The lowdown on premiums, the types of cover available and what affects the priceOne of the first Expand
Dilyn the dog could be key in virus fight | Brief letters
28/09/2020 - Sniffer dogs | Students | Drone Awards 2020 | Obituaries | JesusMaybe it’s just me, but I would Expand
Sick as a dog: canine allergies are on the rise – and adoring owners are to blame
15/09/2020 - Society’s frenetic cleanliness has not only made our children more vulnerable to allergic Expand
No more shaggy dog stories: visit puppies before buying, say charities
13/09/2020 - Demand for pets in lockdown drives rise in puppy farms, imports and scams, say Dogs Trust and Expand
Love you to death: how we hurt the animals we cherish – podcast
11/09/2020 - Something has gone badly wrong with the way we keep pets. Our casual cruelties are a symptom of Expand
TV tonight: woof! How did dogs become our best friend?
08/09/2020 - The emotional bond between canines and their owners is explored in Dog Tales. Plus: comfort food Expand
Van Damme saves life of chihuahua after row over fake passport
6 DAYS AGO - Actor known for his martial arts action films intervenes in Norway-Belgium tussleAction movie star Expand
How much is that doggie (coat) in the window? The rise of pet fashion
15/10/2020 - Retail analysts say so-called ‘anthropomorphism trends’ are on the increase in lockdown, driving a Expand
Puppy power: the costs and pitfalls of buying a dog
10/10/2020 - The dos and don’ts of getting a ‘Covid companion’ – and the kit you need once they’re home• Pet Expand
From ball launchers to activity trackers: the new breed of pet tech
09/10/2020 - We review some of the popular gadgets helping to keep dogs and cats healthy and occupied Expand
23 Walks review – dog-lovers follow the path to romance
24/09/2020 - In this warm and kindly drama, Alison Steadman and Dave Johns play a couple brought together by Expand
The parrot problem: why Zoom calls are forcing people to abandon their pets
14/09/2020 - During lockdown, a lot of people found it hard being trapped at home with a noisy bird that never Expand
A dog is for life, not just lockdown: how to buy a healthy puppy in a pandemic
13/09/2020 - With demand soaring, finding a canine friend for your child can have pitfalls – here’s how to Expand
Labradoodle study reveals dogs are actually mostly poodle
10/09/2020 - Study of Australian labradoodle DNA suggests more poodles have been introduced over yearsIt’s what Expand
What does your cat mean by 'miaow'? Let Japan's pet guru Yuki Hattori explain
05/09/2020 - The superstar vet is known in Japan as the Cat Saviour – and fans say his ability to decode feline Expand
Dogs of woe: the pull of a pooch in Covid times
7 DAYS AGO - A high demand for puppies has meant a rise in prices, black-market breeding, unhealthy animals and Expand
It's been very ugly': dog owner wins court battle to keep pet in Sydney apartment tower
13/10/2020 - Appeal court’s ruling in favour of singer, who says she was abused for wanting pet ban changed, Expand
Purrfect match: cats and their human doubles
10/10/2020 - We all know someone who looks like their dog, but what about our feline friends? Photographer Expand
Dogs’ brains ‘not hardwired’ to respond to human faces
05/10/2020 - Study of brain activity shows no difference when dogs see back or front of a headDog owners might Expand
More than 100 cats – and owner – evicted from Spanish flat
19/09/2020 - Huge clan is believed to have originated from a pair of cats taken in three years agoAnimal Expand
How many cat syringes does it take to administer my mother's medicine? | Zoe Williams
13/09/2020 - The applicator that came with her new meds was impossible to use, so we devised a system using the Expand
My dog has taught me the best way to get through the pandemic: live in the now
12/09/2020 - Coronavirus has made me realize that taking joy in the simple things is what humans need most at Expand
Dog Tales: The Making of Man’s Best Friend review – are they just in it for the treats?
08/09/2020 - Dog ownership has rocketed during lockdown, so this heartwarming documentary exploring canine Expand
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