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The Independent
Doggie paddles: 10 of the best dog-friendly beaches in the UK
2 DAYS AGO - The author of a new guide to dog-friendly days out selects ideal beaches for dog walkers Expand
Kabosu, dog that inspired ‘Doge’ meme and became face of Dogecoin, dies
5 DAYS AGO - Atsuko Sato announces death of her shiba inu, whose 2010 photo led her to be described as the Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Pi-chan the goldfinch, the baby bird we refused to let die
20/05/2024 - When my husband and I found this tiny creature, we felt we had to rescue him. The next few weeks Expand
When you stand side by side at the dog park, you can reveal your true selves – but not your names | Melanie Tait
16/05/2024 - Pet owners know what it’s like to form long-lasting connections with complete strangers, but Expand
A dog in the dock and another doing red carpet interviews: why has Cannes gone canine crazy?
13/05/2024 - Once a celebration of arthouse raunch, the film festival has had to change in the #MeToo era. Is Expand
The 2024 Comedy Pet Photo awards – in pictures
10/05/2024 - From a dog with kung-fu moves to a headless horse, the Comedy Pet Photo awards choose the Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Babyleaf, the feral kitten who tamed me
06/05/2024 - She came into my life just when I needed her, and together we worked on our traumas. But it could Expand
Utah cat found safe in California after sneaking into Amazon return box
29/04/2024 - Galena survived six days of travel with no food or water before being discovered in relatively Expand
Hardwired to eat: what can our dogs teach us about obesity? – podcast
23/04/2024 - Labradors are known for being greedy dogs, and now scientists have come up with a theory about the Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Reina the dog was dumped on a highway – then found her way to me
3 DAYS AGO - She looked as if she had survived a famine. I could count every one of her ribs. But on my ranch, Expand
UK watchdog launches full investigation into vet fees for pet owners
6 DAYS AGO - Inquiry follows concern over rising treatment costs and could cap prescription fees or break up Expand
It’s human v tortoise in the Beddington household. And the tortoises are winning | Emma Beddington
20/05/2024 - You wouldn’t believe how fast these things can move until you try to lock them up. How long until Expand
Pets that inspired Charles Dickens lionised in London exhibition
14/05/2024 - Raven that terrorised writer’s children and later caught attention of Edgar Allan Poe among Expand
Mobile butchers mistakenly kill family’s pet pigs in Washington state
11/05/2024 - Porcine pals Patty and Betty were shot by butchers who said their GPS ‘screwed up’ when it pointed Expand
Sphynx has lowest life expectancy of domestic cat breeds, research finds
08/05/2024 - The hairless cats live on average for just 6.8 years, while a Burmese could survive to be 14, Expand
Wally the emotional support alligator is missing, US owner says
02/05/2024 - Joie Henney suspects that Wally was released into the wild after being stolen from outdoor closure Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Brighton Yellow, the budgie that interrupted dinner parties chirping, ‘Right! That’s enough!’
29/04/2024 - This legendary little featherball did impressions of my mum, refused to stay in his cage and even Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Brutus the schnauzer, who arrived with my ex and hung around for far longer
22/04/2024 - I wasn’t a dog person until he came along, attached to a new boyfriend. But by the time the Expand
Taylor Swift’s cats have condition that causes constant pain, say experts
5 DAYS AGO - Animal welfare experts urge fans not to buy Scottish folds as mutation can lead to abnormal bone Expand
UK inflation: which goods and services have changed most in price?
7 DAYS AGO - From olive oil to cocoa and carpets to holiday centres, how the cost of everyday things variesUK Expand
Young pigeon fanciers: meet the new kids on the flock
19/05/2024 - Pigeons are friendly, acrobatic and affordable, and these days they are winning the hearts of more Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: my giant stick insect, who ruled her empire like a spiny queen
13/05/2024 - While her underlings attempted to escape from their see-through Alcatraz, there was little to Expand
Connecticut rescue workers rappel into rock quarry to rescue missing dog
10/05/2024 - Rippy the terrier was missing for three days when workers and passersby heard barks coming from a Expand
Have I got this right? Does Kristi Noem really want Joe Biden to start killing dogs too? | Zoe Williams
06/05/2024 - Donald Trump’s would-be running mate has already outraged the US by shooting her own pet. This is Expand
Dog-whistle politics: pets at polling stations – in pictures
02/05/2024 - Voting has been taking place across England to elect local councillors, mayors and police Expand
I tried to become a local hero by rescuing a cat. I failed comprehensively | Arwa Mahdawi
24/04/2024 - I thought finding Karma – yes, that is the cat’s name – would make me beloved and cherished by my Expand
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