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How Early Warning Systems Help Us Deal With Extreme Weather
1 DAY AGO - As climate-related disasters increase, projects are being put in place to alert local communities Expand
Humans Have Broken a Fundamental Law of the Ocean
3 DAYS AGO - The size of undersea creatures seemed to follow a strange but stable pattern—until industrial Expand
AirTags Are the Best Thing to Happen to Tile
6 DAYS AGO - With increased sales and products things have never looked better for Tile. So why is its CEO so Expand
This Dam Simple Trick Is a Big Green Energy Win
16/11/2021 - Only a small fraction of dams actually produce electricity. Transforming them them into hydropower Expand
Your Essential Guide to the Best Tequilas
09/11/2021 - From celebrity brands to artisan drams, silver, blanco, reposado, or añejo, there's a choice here Expand
Kia’s EV6 Is One Fine Tech-Boosted Ride
06/11/2021 - The Korean company’s superb new electric flagship gets so much right it’s almost a shame to point Expand
Apple’s AirPods 3 Buds Aren’t Worth the Money
05/11/2021 - There’s no getting around the lack of noise canceling and unremarkable battery life. Despite the Expand
Movies Need to Stop Using Historical Atrocities for Pathos
03/11/2021 - Marvel’s Eternals is just the latest genre film to clumsily use horrific real-world events in an Expand
Merck’s Antiviral Could Be Just What Covid Was Waiting For
01/11/2021 - The pharmaceutical giant is making its oral antiviral drug widely available for all the world. But Expand
The UK Government Wants to Sequence Your Baby’s Genome
1 DAY AGO - Genomics England plans to test out a program that will offer whole genome sequencing to Expand
The World Needs to Crack Battery Recycling, Fast
3 DAYS AGO - The shift to electric vehicles is exciting, but it will leave us with thousands of tonnes of spent Expand
The Gut Microbiome’s Role in Autism Gets Murkier
7 DAYS AGO - As scientists look for a link between digestive-tract microbes and autism, some questionable Expand
The Science Museum Wants Their Plastic Samples. They Refused
16/11/2021 - Three microplastic researchers have backed out of an arrangement to send materials to the Science Expand
Sky Glass is Not a Good Television
08/11/2021 - It’s an alluring, convenient and high-spec package, but Sky Glass has more than a few issues with Expand
Groundbreaking new Covid pill explained - including who gets it and how it works
05/11/2021 - With the announcement that the UK would be the first country to green light the Merck anti-viral Expand
Why are some people shorter than others? The answer is in our brains, say scientists
04/11/2021 - People start puberty at different times and also grow to different heights, and a new study by Expand
How a Squid Game Crypto Scam Got Away With Millions
02/11/2021 - On the front lines of the $SQUID “rug pull” that left investors in the lurch.
Northern Lights spotted across UK as solar flare triggers breathtaking spectacle
31/10/2021 - A huge burst of radiation from the sun on October 28 was predicted to reach Earth last night as Expand
When is NASA launching the DART mission - and how will it stop asteroid impact?
3 DAYS AGO - NASA is planning a mission to knock an asteroid off course using a satellite. Here’s everything Expand
Body Language Pseudoscience Is Flourishing on YouTube
5 DAYS AGO - In celebrity interviews and homicide cases, video sleuths are searching for the truth—but what if Expand
NASA scientist 'certain' of life on Mars after finding space image
17/11/2021 - A NASA scientist, who supervised humanities first two missions to land on Mars, spent the rest of Expand
E-Cigarettes Could Be the New Nicotine Patch
12/11/2021 - England will allow doctors to prescribe vaping devices to people who want to quit smoking—if Expand
Salt Bae’s Next Great Act? Endless Content
07/11/2021 - Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe's restaurants serve something different: moments sure to go viral on Expand
Can long Covid be cured? New drug developed to target exhausting symptoms
05/11/2021 - The first trial of a drug meant to target symptoms of fatigue and muscle weakness experienced by Expand
Google Staff Squirm as Remote Workers Face Pay Cuts
04/11/2021 - As more and more people switch to working from home, some are left counting the cost.
Stop Telling Kids They’ll Die From Climate Change
01/11/2021 - Many young people feel like their future is in peril. To make progress on climate change we must Expand
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