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How clock-watching your daily reactions could be the key to controlling your asthma
1 DAY AGO - Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses the role hormones have to play when it comes to asthma, and how the Expand
Most men don’t know the symptoms of prostate cancer, poll finds
1 DAY AGO - One in five men say they are reluctant to have their prostate checked
What bleeding and receding gums tell you about your health – and how to stop it
2 DAYS AGO - Your mouth says a lot more about your overall health than you’d think. If you’ve noticed bleeding Expand
Lush to deactivate Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat accounts
3 DAYS AGO - The retailer says ‘serious effects of social media’ on users’ mental health are ‘going largely Expand
Brits typically go through eight different skincare products in bid to tackle skin issues
4 DAYS AGO - The most common skin complaints are eczema and acne - and over half use products in their routine Expand
Vitamin A could hold key to restoring sense of smell after Covid
5 DAYS AGO - Most people regain their sense of smell in a few weeks but some never do. Smell loss is due to Expand
Warning signs in your breath that mean you may have high cholesterol
7 DAYS AGO - High cholesterol levels are considered an indicator of heart and other circulatory diseases which Expand
Keep the weight off and '­irreversible' type-2 diabetes may never return
18/11/2021 - Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses our improved understanding of the ways we can combat diabetes Expand
Avoid getting ‘petfished’ this Christmas, warns government
18/11/2021 - Buyers should avoid sellers with lots of adverts and always ask to see the animal’s health records
Appeal to find home for dog still up for adoption after 143 days
1 DAY AGO - Epiphany has a ‘larger than life personality’ and ‘lots of potential’, charity says
Cosmetic surgery adverts targeting under-18s to be banned from May
2 DAYS AGO - It follows a consultation in response to concerns about the potential harm of advertising cosmetic Expand
Teaching men about menopause could help save a marriage, says Rod Stewart
2 DAYS AGO - ‘It was frightening, because this really wasn’t the person I married,’ Stewart says of his wife Expand
Trust your gut: How a specific gut bacteria could help people living with IBS
4 DAYS AGO - Kate Ng explores the link between a particular gut bacteria and a restrictive, but effective, diet Expand
Tell-tale sign around your eyes that could mean you have a B12 deficiency
4 DAYS AGO - Vegetarians, vegans and one in 10 people over 75 are thought to suffer from a deficiency of the Expand
Look good and feel great for the Christmas party with our healthy two-week meal plan
6 DAYS AGO - Want to look good, feel great and shed a few pounds before the festivities kick off? Our delicious Expand
Severe migraines ‘completely eliminated’ thanks to plant-based diet, doctors say
7 DAYS AGO - Doctors highlight case of man whose migraines disappeared after he switched to a nutrient-dense, Expand
Worrying signs of high cholesterol on your toes and fingers that show dangerous levels
18/11/2021 - Watch out for these concerning warning signs in your fingers and toes, as experts believe they Expand
Warning signs in your sleeping patterns that show you may have high cholesterol
17/11/2021 - A health emergency like a heart attack is often how you find out about high cholesterol levels. Expand
Incurable cancer mum admits devastation when friends talk about her kids growing up
1 DAY AGO - I was 32 and heavily pregnant when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. All these years later and Expand
Popular household drink may be secret to living longer life, expert says
2 DAYS AGO - Millions would live forever if they could - but what if you could at least live longer? Some Expand
Taking progesterone could prevent ‘thousands’ of miscarriages, charity says
2 DAYS AGO - Some women can be offered the hormone drug, which a charity says will ‘help save babies’ lives and Expand
Kids reading to lonely older people over the phone boosts confidence and mental health
4 DAYS AGO - Dr Miriam Stoppard discusses how a charity has been working with school children and the elderly, Expand
Elon Musk’s son X AE A-Xii makes rare appearance during SpaceX presentation
5 DAYS AGO - The toddler said hello to viewers and pointed out SpaceX rockets
Common causes for tummy bloating and what you can do to try and stop the symptoms
6 DAYS AGO - Most of us will experience bloating at some point in our lives. Michele O’Connor explores common Expand
A third of mums weren't prepared for challenges of childbirth - and never got over it
7 DAYS AGO - Over a third of women were unprepared for how scared they felt - and a quarter would feel more at Expand
Fifth of Brits to try to make Christmas Covid-free - by avoiding physical gifts
18/11/2021 - Over a third of Brits worry another lockdown will keep them from seeing loved ones this Christmas Expand
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