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Water is a 'miracle elixir' with a third of adults and half of kids not drinking enough
14 HRS AGO - Water is a "miracle elixir" which boosts energy and makes you glow but a third of adults Expand
Weight loss myth buster: Does eating late at night cause you to gain pounds
23 HRS AGO - While many believe that eating late at night will cause you to pile on the pounds, experts have Expand
Foods to help boost fertility chances as expert warns of dramatic infertility rate rise
1 DAY AGO - There has been a global decline in the number of children being born in the world, say Expand
Cranberries reduce dementia risk, improve memory and lower cholesterol, says study
1 DAY AGO - The number of people being diagnosed with dementia is predicted to rise to a shocking 78 million Expand
7 lesser-known early menopause symptoms – and how HRT can help relieve them
1 DAY AGO - The menopause is a time in a woman's life that marks the end of the menstrual cycle, when her Expand
How to burn belly fat: 5 foods that can help reduce cravings by up to 60%
2 DAYS AGO - Excess belly fat can be linked to serious health conditions such as heart attacks or Expand
What are NHS 'never events' and how to claim compensation for medical negligence
2 DAYS AGO - New figures show there were more than 400 "never events" in the NHS last year, raising Expand
Is there a monkeypox vaccine? What are the symptoms and how many UK cases are there now?
2 DAYS AGO - Two more monkeypox cases have been detected in the UK, leading to increased concerns about the Expand
Reduce painful IBS symptoms by avoiding these common foods and drinks
3 DAYS AGO - In the UK, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects approximately one in 20 which equates to 3.2 Expand
Diabetes and alcohol - safe amount to drink if you have the condition explained
23 HRS AGO - People with type one and type two diabetes are advised to take strict control of their own diet, Expand
Warning symptoms of bowel cancer - pencil-like poo and other signs in your toilet
1 DAY AGO - The main symptoms of bowel cancer include unusual changes to your poo and different colour and Expand
Smoking singletons three times more likely to 'be left on the shelf' than non-smokers
1 DAY AGO - Over four in ten men would swipe left to reject a woman seen smoking on her dating profile - with Expand
Tiger Woods' health after horror car crash - broken bones and relearning to walk
1 DAY AGO - Last year, Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car crash leaving him with traumatic injuries to Expand
Get rid of belly fat with two powerful drinks to help with weight loss
1 DAY AGO - Weight loss is no easy feat and requires discipline and vigilance. It does not have to be all doom Expand
Being kind to ourselves is key in the battle against depression
2 DAYS AGO - Dr Miriam Stoppard explains how mindfulness-based cognitive therapy could shake up the way we Expand
35 medical conditions NHS will no longer issue prescriptions for - including sore throat
2 DAYS AGO - Your GP will no longer issue treatments for a number of medical conditions. The NHS hopes the move Expand
Most children don't get enough physical activity following Covid pandemic, survey says
3 DAYS AGO - A new YouGov survey of British parents found 60% of children have not increased their physical Expand
TikTok hacks to tackle burnout - including putting salt in your mouth
3 DAYS AGO - Feeling overworked? Tackling burnout is an important step in managing your mental health. Here are Expand
Benefits of meditation and easy way to make it part of your day
23 HRS AGO - It’s World Meditation Day and millions of Brits across the country are already practicing it Expand
Cheapest vegetarian meals from major chains – from Greggs to Subway
1 DAY AGO - Hunting down cheap vegetarian meals is getting easier each year as more and more chains support Expand
Why smiling is good for you – and why you should do it for 7 minutes a day
1 DAY AGO - May 16 marked the start of National Smile Month, and an expert has revealed that smiling for just Expand
High cholesterol warning signs in your feet, legs and arms that could lead to amputation
1 DAY AGO - High cholesterol is an insidious and common condition that makes up a number of potentially Expand
Why isn't there a vaccine against Aids? How HIV continues to frustrate experts
1 DAY AGO - When HIV and Aids were first discovered, it was hoped a vaccine wouldn't be far away - but the Expand
Statins side effects: Cholesterol-lowering drug may cause memory loss, study claims
2 DAYS AGO - Statins are a popular treatment strategy for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of Expand
This one simple trick can fool your brain into happiness and you can do it immediately
2 DAYS AGO - If you’re every feeling low, having a bad day or you’ve simply woken up on the wrong side of the Expand
Vitamin B12 deficiency warning on fingernail that could help quick diagnosis
3 DAYS AGO - Your nailbeds give away a surprising amount of information about your health. Having the right Expand
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