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British GQ
Everyday Man, The
Gentleman's Journal
Men's Health UK
How the Prestigious World of Rowing is Making the Sport More Inclusive
1 HR AGO - WinTech, the world’s leading rowing shell manufacturer, is giving back big
Keto and Running Workouts Helped This Guy Drop 50kg and Get Ripped
1 DAY AGO - "I’ve got greater confidence. My clothes fit better. I feel like a new me."
Joel Kinnaman on the ‘emotional sincerity’ and ‘poetic beauty’ of The Suicide Squad
2 DAYS AGO - Joel Kinnaman tells GQ about taking a second run at The Suicide Squad, overcoming debilitating Expand
This Barbell Bicep Workout Is the Only Bro-Down You’ll Ever Need Again
4 DAYS AGO - It's always utterly agreeable to train for bigger arms when the sun's out. MH Elite coach Gus is Expand
Jean-Claude Van Damme Is Still Kicking at 60
5 DAYS AGO - JCVD has fought every onscreen bad guy imaginable. But his biggest battle has always been against Expand
Two-Time Olympian Nick Symmonds Reveals if He Ever Hooked Up in the Olympic Village
5 DAYS AGO - Symmonds also said that swimmers were some of the hardest partiers.
KSI Says He'd "f*** Up" Floyd Mayweather and Believes Logan Paul Beats Mike Tyson
5 DAYS AGO - “People don’t understand, we f***ing train like boxers bro,” said KSI
30 of the Most Iconic Moments In Olympic Track and Field History
1 HR AGO - Get fired up for Tokyo with a look back at these inspirational, patriotic, and heartbreaking Expand
Team GB Swimmer Tom Dean Got COVID-19 Twice. Then He Won a Gold Medal at the Olympics
1 DAY AGO - The Olympic champion says topping the podium is the "single greatest achievement" of his life
The Bremont MB Savanna can withstand the extreme force of a pilot's ejection seat
1 DAY AGO - The Bremont MB Savanna is the latest outing for Bremont's collaboration with ejection seat maker Expand
Jake Paul: YouTuber "In Touch" With Conor McGregor's Team, Vows to "Knock Him Out"
1 DAY AGO - The YouTuber has been calling out McGregor for a boxing match for months
Ethics Aside, Are Fake Meats Any Better for You? MH Investigates
4 DAYS AGO - From hipster Hackney to the post-industrial north, foodies across the UK are ditching meat for Expand
Bremont has built a huge watchmaking facility in Oxfordshire – so now what?
4 DAYS AGO - Just outside London, near British watchmaker Bremont’s state-of-the-art new facility The Wing, a Expand
Heading on holiday? You're gonna need a bigger bag
5 DAYS AGO - Travel! It’s (almost) back on the itinerary so it’s time to get packing. Here’s where to start...
Luke Evans Is Sharing the Results of His Recent Muscle Transformation on Instagram
6 DAYS AGO - The actor hasn't been shy about showing off his muscular physique lately.
What We Gain From Pain: The Rise of the Fitness Masochists
2 DAYS AGO - Modern life has conditioned us to expect comfort and recoil from stress. But there’s a new way of Expand
Go Full Send on This 5-Round Metcon From Zack George
4 DAYS AGO - Your resident MH Elite CrossFit supremo has programmed a mix of movements that will keep you close Expand
Paralympic Swimmer Withdraws from Tokyo over Restrictions on Personal Assistants
5 DAYS AGO - Becca Meyers said she had no choice but to withdraw from the Games
A World Champion Weightlifter Shares Why He Doesn't Bench Press
5 DAYS AGO - Five-time world champion Lü Xiaojun shares the reason he doesn't try to shoot for big bench Expand
Brazilian MMA Fighter Breaks Record for Most Burpees in One Hour
5 DAYS AGO - An incredible effort by Cassiano Laureano, all for a worthy cause
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